Using primary and secondary research in accordance with your school’s needs we develop an integrated marketing plan that promises continuity of message both graphically and textually for both on-line and print-based media.

Strategic marketing analysis:
• Conducting brainstorming sessions with administrative staff and faculty to identify opportunities and unique positive attributes of your school.
• Conduct parent, student and faculty surveys
• Conduct focus groups with parents, students and faculty
• Analysis of research to create your school’s positioning statement
• Create a marketing strategy based on the school’s positioning statement
• Creation of a branding theme for you school based on the positioning statement

Web Site Development:
• Research school’s website goals and needs
• Basic outlining and mapping of site
• Creation of user-friendly, back-end administration tools (allows simple real-time updating of text, graphics and menu hierarchy)
• Flash enabled and HTML design
• Streaming video and sound
• Animation and digital illustration
• Database integration
• Integration of web site within overall marketing and communications strategy
• Catalog and other interactive site design
• On-line newsletter design – either HTML or link-embedded email.

Development of integrated theme-based printed materials:
• View Books and brochures including design, photography and copy writing
• Curriculum Guides
• Magazines and Newsletters (both print and on-line)
• Admission packet design
• Identity programs